Clinical Services

Any individual who visits the Department of Audiology with hearing loss complaint will be made to undergo tests such as Pure tone Audiometry, Speech Audiometry and Immittance. Free Field, Pure tone Speech Audiometry and Immittance tests are done for children. Brain stem evoked response audiometer, and OAE are done for children who can’t be tested easily. Hearing aids are tried for those who require them and after trial suitable hearing aids are prescribed. Facilities are also available for programming of programmable hearing aids. Hearing aids are given to deserving persons with hearing loss, under ADIP Scheme.

The Department of Speech and language pathology is equipped with the following equipment and facilities:

  • Electroglottograph
  • Nasal view hardware / software
  • Spirometer
  • Speech trainees
  • Computers Software for speech and voice analysis and therapy Stopwatches
  • Analogue and digital tape recorder
  • Various test materials for speech and language disorders.

At the speech clinic, children and adults are evaluated for all types of speech and language problems, such as articulation, cerebral palsy, stuttering, cluttering, delayed speech and language, various voice problems, loss of speech and communication such as aphasia, laryngectomy, dysarthria and dyslexia. After evaluation, patients are advised speech therapy if required. Parents are also counselled regarding home training. Periodical revaluation is an ongoing process.

Clinical Training

The primary thrust of the training is evaluation and treatment of various speech, language and hearing disorders, including bedside evaluation and treatment in the hospital set up, on hand training of application of different instruments used for the assessment and treatment of patients with speech and hearing disorders.


Earmould Laboratory

This laboratory is well equipped to make hard as well as soft custom earmoulds. The students are trained in the making of earmoulds.


Hearing Aid Laboratory

Hearing aids are serviced here for individuals who attend the clinic.

Electronics Laboratory


The electronic laboratory is equipped to teach basics in electronics and maintenance and repairs of audiometers, hearing aids and other equipment in the Institute and clinics. The laboratory is equipped with Function Generator, Oscilloscope, Digital Trainer Kit,

Digital Millimeter, DC Power Supply, SPL Meter, Calibration of various equipment, computers and laptop, maintenance of speech science and hearing Science Labs.

Speech Science and Hearing Laboratories

The speech science and hearing science labs are established to train the students in the basic as well as advanced knowledge about hearing, speech and language. The computers are loaded with software to help them learn to analyse ordinary as well as pathological aspects of speech productions, hearing, anatomy, linguistics, phonetics, articulation, hearing process, etc.