Research Activities

Ongoing PhD Registered Topics – Registered under University of Mysore

Sl. No. Candidates Name Reg. No. Title of the Research Topic
1 Ms. Sudha P Nair A 3176 Cross language speech Perception in Infants
2 Ms. Meghashree A 3177 Acoustic and Temporal parameters in the Speech of Developmental Speech and Language disorders.
3 Ms. Deepthi M A 3178 Development of lexical access in Multilingual children
4 Mr. Wasim Ahmed A 3179 Temporal Window of Auditory Visual Integration in Dyslexia
5 Ms. Suma R A 3180 Cognitive Linguistic skills in Bilinguals
6 Mr. Narasimhan S.V A 3181 Analysis by Synthesis of the Speech of the Hearing Impaired