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JSS Speech & Hearing Mysuru

The field of speech and hearing and the JSSISH Mysuru

A significant portion of the human population in our country suffers from speech, language, and hearing disabilities, but there is a shortage of professionals available to cater to their needs. To address this issue, JSSISH Mysuru was established in 2001-02, with the aim of training qualified professionals in the field of speech and hearing. The institute is affiliated with the University of Mysore and is recognized by the Rehabilitation Council of India, Govt. of India.

JSSISH Mysuru provides a range of professional courses, including graduate (BASLP), postgraduate [MSc (Audiology), MSc (SLP), and MASLP], and PhD (Speech and Hearing/SLP/Audiology), specifically designed to train speech and hearing professionals. The objective of these courses is to equip professionals with the skills needed to address speech and hearing disabilities in individuals of all ages, from infants to the elderly.

At JSSISH Mysuru, professionals are trained to initiate and restore speech and hearing capabilities in individuals who have not developed them or have lost them due to various reasons. This includes helping children who have not learned to speak, providing voice to those who have lost it due to surgical removal of the voice box, and providing speech training to individuals who have lost the ability to speak.

Speech pathologists and audiologists are essential in diagnosing and treating hearing disorders, as well as evaluating and treating speech disorders caused by neurological and other factors. By training professionals in this field, JSSISH Mysuru is making a vital contribution to addressing the needs of the population suffering from speech and hearing disabilities.